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Laser Vein Treatment

At skŸn by Dr. Moore, we believe that inner wellness is the foundation of timeless beauty. Our premier medical spa in Aldie offers laser vein treatment, a cutting-edge treatment that banishes spider veins, vascular lesions, and broken capillaries. Embrace a flawless complexion as you defy the hands of time, ensuring you look as good as you feel on your journey to eternal beauty.

Remove Unwanted Vascular Lesions & Spider Veins

Laser vein treatment is a non-invasive procedure that effectively targets and diminishes unwanted veins on the face and body. This innovative treatment utilizes advanced laser technology to safely and precisely treat spider veins, vascular lesions, and broken capillaries. By emitting focused light energy, the laser penetrates the skin, causing the targeted veins to collapse and gradually fade away, helping you achieve a smooth complexion.


Laser Vein Treatment Treats:

  • Spider veins
  • Vascular lesions
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea-related facial veins
  • Varicose veins (in some cases)
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Hemangiomas
  • Port wine stains
  • Venous lakes
  • Leg veins

Spider Veins: What Are They?

Spider veins are small, dilated blood vessels that appear close to the skin’s surface, resembling a web-like pattern. They often occur on the legs, face, and other areas. These veins form due to various factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, prolonged standing, or sun exposure. Along with spider veins, laser vein treatment can also target and treat other vascular lesions, like cherry angiomas, hemangiomas, and port wine stains, for smoother skin.

How Laser Vein Treatment Works

Laser vein treatment utilizes the principle of selective photothermolysis to target and eliminate unwanted veins. A specialized laser emits a concentrated light beam absorbed by the targeted blood vessels. The light energy damages the walls of the veins, causing them to collapse. The surrounding skin remains unharmed because the specific wavelength of the laser only targets the hemoglobin in the blood vessels. Over time, the body naturally absorbs the treated veins, resulting in clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Benefits of Laser Vein Treatment:

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Precise targeting of specific veins
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Quick and convenient sessions
  • Little to no downtime or recovery period
  • Safe and effective for various skin types
  • Long-lasting results with proper maintenance
  • Improvement in overall skin appearance and texture
  • Boosts self-confidence and promotes a more youthful appearance

How Laser Vein Treatment Is Performed

During laser vein treatment, protective eyewear is provided to shield your eyes from the laser light. The practitioner will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area before gently delivering the laser pulses. You may feel a slight warming sensation as the laser targets the veins. The process typically takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of treated veins. Afterward, you can resume your daily activities with minimal restrictions.

What Does Recovery Entail?

After laser vein treatment, you can expect a relatively smooth recovery. Some side effects may include mild redness, swelling, or bruising in the treated area, but these subside within a few days. You can resume your daily activities immediately, though it is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise and direct sun exposure. Applying a cool compress and wearing sunscreen regularly are recommended during the healing process.

Results: What to Expect

The results typically become noticeable within a few weeks as the treated veins gradually fade. While some individuals achieve desired outcomes with a single session, others may require multiple sessions for optimal results, particularly if treating larger or more extensive veins. Multiple sessions ensure a comprehensive treatment of all affected veins, leading to more satisfying and long-lasting results.

Initiate Your Journey to Smooth Skin

skŸn by Dr. Moore is your premier destination for exceptional laser vein treatment. Led by Dr. Moore, a licensed and board-certified surgeon with over 10 years of experience, we provide top-quality care to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted veins and embrace smoother, blemish-free skin, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey toward enhanced confidence and beauty.

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