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Cellulite Removal

Discover smooth skin with skŸn by Dr. Moore’s cellulite removal solutions in Aldie. Dr. Moore employs the revolutionary Avéli device, providing an advanced and lasting solution for cellulite. This innovative approach targets the root cause of stubborn cellulite to restore your skin’s texture and boost confidence, helping you achieve and maintain flawless skin.

First, Let’s Talk Cellulite

Cellulite removal starting at $3,700

Most people know cellulite as frustrating skin depressions on the buttocks and thighs. Some assume that cellulite is caused by excessive skin laxity or poor skin quality (it isn’t). Others assume that cellulite is a form of fat (also untrue). Most cellulite treatments fail to yield results because they address skin laxity, excess fat deposits, skin quality, or other factors that aren’t actually responsible for cellulite.

So, now that you know what cellulite isn’t, let’s discuss what it is. Cellulite results from fibrous bands underneath the skin, known as septa. In most cases, the septa tether your skin to the underlying structures. But when the septa become stiff or shrink, they can pull your skin down, leading to a dimpled appearance. The only way to treat cellulite is to address the underlying septa — that’s what Dr. Moore does with Avéli.


Aveli: The Most Effective Cellulite Solution

Avéli is a groundbreaking cellulite treatment capable of pinpointing and releasing the septa responsible for the cellulite dimples on your buttocks and thighs. This minimally invasive procedure, performed under local anesthesia, identifies and releases the fibrous bands responsible for cellulite, thus helping you achieve dramatic results in one in-office session. Dr. Moore offers Aveli as a long-lasting, effective solution for unwanted cellulite.

How Aveli Works

Aveli is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a hand-held device underneath the dimpled skin. Dr. Moore makes an extremely small incision to insert the hand-held Aveli device into your skin to target and release the septa bands responsible for unwanted cellulite. This in-office procedure releases the septa bands from the inside out, thus offering a dramatic reduction in various cellulite complexities in one session.

Benefits of Aveli Cellulite Removal:

  • Precise targeting of cellulite-causing septa
  • Real-time confirmation of release
  • Minimally invasive with local anesthesia
  • Performed in a single in-office visit
  • Long-lasting results
  • Comprehensive solution for cellulite

What Does Recovery Entail?

After your Avéli cellulite treatment, you might experience mild pain within the first day, along with bruising and tenderness that usually fades within a month. You may notice small areas of firmness on your skin, often inconspicuous and painless, which will resolve within a few months. You can resume normal activities immediately — there’s little to no downtime. However, it’s advisable to avoid intense activities or workouts during the initial days/weeks after cellulite removal to facilitate proper healing.

What Does Cellulite Removal Recovery Entail?

Results: What to Expect

You can expect noticeable results from your Avéli treatment as the swelling and bruising fade over several weeks, with continued improvements for a month. Avéli is FDA-cleared for sustained cellulite reduction, and it offers long-lasting results. Designed as a single in-office procedure, it effectively addresses targeted cellulite dimples in the thighs and buttocks in one session, so you don’t need multiple sessions. One session is enough for optimal results.

Contact skŸn For Optimal Cellulite Solutions

skŸn by Dr. Moore provides you with the chance to embrace a graceful transformation and attain the skin you’ve always wanted. With over a decade of experience as a licensed, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Moore offers top-tier care using the latest and most effective cellulite solutions, such as Aveli. Schedule a consultation to explore how Avéli can help you eliminate unwanted cellulite and embrace long-lasting, vibrant skin. Your aesthetic transformation begins today.

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